Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life and other lovely things....

Life has been busy lately! I have things growing here at the frog pond :) Dill, cilantro, basil, onions and mint!! Yay for herbs!!! I'm sending the dill "grow fast" vibes especially so I can put some in the tzatziki next time we have gyros!

I'm going to touch on meal planning for a minute, the last round of meals I planned didn't work quite the way I wanted. Like the rye bread ended up going bad before I made the Rubens for dinner. I ended up making Ruben casserole and putting wheat bread crumbs on top, sigh. It was still good but what a waste of lovely rye bread! There was some fresh produce that went south before I had a chance to make those meals too. There was also some needed stuff I forgot to buy at all. But I've been recording our meals and I reloaded so to speak and planned out the meals more carefully we are in the middle of the next round of meals :) This time it's going much better. I planned seven meals for two weeks because we tend to eat leftovers or lighter meals every other day. Tonight is leftovers, tacos! Yay tacos, we love tex mex food here at the frog pong :)

The other really cool thing is I've made a new friend and wrote a piece about Peter McWilliams for a really wonderful memorial page for him. The creator of the memorial page contacted me and asked me if I'd write something. I had made a you tube video where I talked about his wonderful book Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do, they saw it and contacted me.

Here is a link to the memorial page for Peter

And here is the piece I wrote . The creator of the page is a sweetheart and a really creative and interesting person. I don't make new friends often, let alone really great friends, so this something to celebrate at the frog pond :)

In not so good news, my dad had kidney stone surgery yesterday and is going to have more invasive surgery next month to take care of a stone in his other kidney, I need to call and see how he's doing. And our kitty, Bubba, has something wrong with his eye, we are going to have to get him to a vet cause little furry fellow looks uncomfortable with it and it looks really yucky and it totally setting off my eye issues :(


  1. Sorry to hear about your Dad and your kitty.

    Flattered to read what you said about me and my little page for Peter. THANK YOU!

  2. Our kitty is feeling much much better today thank goodness and my dad's doing well too. Thanks for your comment, no thanks needed, as you've told me, your passion feeds mine :)